Nishredko a 2013 Niseko Video

We have received another great video – this one from Andrew.

Firstly, great site! I’ve been following your reports and pics from the start of this season!
I’ve also been sharing them on along with your site link and credits!
I have just returned from a month long stint in Japan, that included a stay in Niseko!
Thought you might be interested in my edit from Niseko, and if you deem it to be ok, please feel free to embed it onto your site!

We deem it worthy 😉 Amazing how much powder there is on the runs and just off the edges.

Thanks so much Andrew and hope to see you back this season.

Fresh POW, Jan 2013

Fresh POW, Jan 2013

~ Nishredko ~ Niseko, Japan, Powder 2013 from Mizu on Vimeo.

KAPOW, Jan 2013

KAPOW, Jan 2013

So much powder, Jan 2013

So much powder, Jan 2013

  1. Mizu Kuma says:

    Cheers Glen, I’m glad you liked it!!!!!

    Unfortunately I won’t be coming to Niseko this season, but definitely put me down for the following one!!!!!

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