Niseko Snow Report, 18 December 2011

The biggest day yet and snow 15 days straight!

*25.6cm of fresh snow has fallen since yesterday morning and at 8:00 today the temperature was -6°C. We didn’t think that yesterday’s fun on the mountain could be bettered, but we could be wrong.

Snow fall depth in Hirafu village, 18 December 2011

Snow fall depth in Hirafu village, 18 December 2011

Check what lifts are operating in real time on the Niseko United website. If you’re venturing into Niseko back country today you can check the latest Avalanche report here.

Strawberry Fields opened yesterday so that will be worth checking out this morning after the mammoth dump. Moiwa’s quad lift also opened yesterday, we were told it was epic and can’t wait to ride there soon. As it’s almost Christmas, a Sunday trip to CostCo is in order, it will be hell but has to be done.

Pension Full Note fully loaded, 18 December 2011

Pension Full Note fully loaded, 18 December 2011

Jack knifed, hide the logo! 17 December 2011

Jack knifed, hide the logo! 17 December 2011

Roof clearing, 17 December 2011

Roof clearing, 17 December 2011

The 360niseko snow fall data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to use it for personal or commercial purposes and if you publish it please credit 360niseko by providing a link back to the website.

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  1. James Long says:

    Hey guys, love the site and blog. Will be in Niseko on Thursday for Christmas and can’t wait. For some reason though, I haven’t been able to see/access the pics on your last few blogs. Only thing that has come up has been your video yesterday. I have tried a load of different computers and all are the same so wondered if there may be an issue? Want to see the big dump of snow from yesterday!



    • Hi James,

      We are really sorry to hear you are having problems viewing the images. We have run a few tests this morning and can’t replicate the problem, would you mind telling us what type of computer and browser combination you are using and we will get a fix in place asap.

      There has been loads more snow so we really want you to be able to see what’s happening on our blog.

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      • James Long says:

        Hi Ben,

        Thanks for coming back to me – funnily enough I have just got into the office today to check it out and it works ok from here. The problem seems to be limited to every browser/computer I have at home which in turn leads me to believe I will have to call my ISP who have been consistently useless in providing a decent internet service here in Hong Kong! Very much enjoy the blog/site so glad to be able to access it all today again! Can’t wait to arrive on Thursday to get skiing!



  2. hahah we saw the truck walking up to work the other morning. Hilarious and kind of felt a little bad aswell…!

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