360niseko sponsorship offers cost effective exposure to tourists and locals of the Niseko area. Our audience is made up of individuals, families and groups who love snow sports, they take two or more holidays a year and one is always on the snow. They follow our snow reports and blog on a daily basis and look forward to our next piece of original content.

When they arrive in Niseko they keep up to date with what is happening by viewing 360niseko.com on their smart phone or tablet and share our content via their social networks.

Unlike most other advertising options in the area, our advertisers are presented on 360niseko.com year round, so instead of just reaching your audience after they have arrived, your adverts will be presented to potential customers before, during and after their stay in Niseko.

Sponsorship Plan

For only ¥50,000 from November 2016 until the end of August 2017 we offer your business exposure to our snow loving audience via the following methods:

Home Page Featured Sponsors

Inclusion in our home page in featured destinations / sponsors . This is one of the first thing visitors see when they visit the home page of 360niseko.com.

Location Page / Blog Adverts

Inclusion in our location page and blog adverts. These images and text based adverts appear on all our blog articles and location pages.During the year you can change the content of the advert as many times as you feel is required.

Blog Posts

We can collaborate with your marketing staff to produce as many blog posts to get your business / service exposure on our site and to our audience. With no set limit of blog posts, it’s up to you to decide how much content you want published and when, so long as the content is relevant to and helpful for our audience.

Here are some examples of posts we’ve dome on our blog, but for more you can check out the archives so far.

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