ALL TIME In Hirafu

Today the call from those lucky enough to be able to get up on the mountain was….ALL TIME.

Happy POW face, 7 December 2012

Happy POW face, 7 December 2012

Check out Miharashi today.

We have been using the ION Air Pro cameras since May but today’s skiing footage was a first! The cameras are very easy to use and super light – perfect for pole mounted shots.

Rhythm Snowsports are stocking the ION cameras this season so if you are interested drop into the shop and take a look.

  1. Hannie van den Brink says:

    Hi Glen, great movie!!! Wish I was there to ski. Holland is covered bij snow as well. We can take a walk in the forrest next to our house. See you next time, Hannie van den Brink.

  2. Hi Hannie,

    Thanks very much!! I couldn’t make it out with the guys but set Matt up with a camera and then edited the movie together. Lots of snow all around the world it seems! Yesterday on the mainland of Japan they received over 1 meter in 24 hours!!!! Thanks for following the blog.

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