Chill out in a winter wonderland

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald there is a great article about Niseko.

Green Leaf Hotel Onsen

Green Leaf Hotel Onsen

The article is centered around Niseko Village Ski Ground and The Green Leaf Hotel but also details attractions in Hirafu Village as well as activities and cultural tips.

One of our favorite local guiding companies Black Diamond Tours also gets a mention.

You can read the full article here.

  1. Any publicity is good publicity, but has the author of the article actually ever visited the places mentioned!? Rakuichi has a menu with several choices. And why the need to ‘smuggle’ a beer into an onsen when you can just buy one and casually carry it in?

    • Hi Bob, Thanks for your comments. I am guessing the author visited those places but can’t be sure. In my experience not all onsens allow drinking but you are right in most it is fine to take a beer in…ah the simple pleasures a beer in a hot bath with your friends – classic. Thanks for following.

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