Gentemstick Niseko Showroom

Gentemstick's showroom and café. Full lineup of boards available for demo and sale. Apparels, accessories and other rare goods that can only be found here.

Gentemstick Niseko Showroom is the epicenter of today’s Snowsurf movement.
Unique and beyond comparison, our Niseko-inspired shapes will take your snowboarding into a new dimension.
No words can describe the feeling our boards provide.
Come pick a shape from our demo fleet, ride it on the world renowned Niseko powder and take yourself into a true Snowsurfing experience.
Our professional staff are here to help you narrow down the selection to the shape that best matches your riding style.

Located above the showroom, the Gentem Café & Gallery provides some selected beverages, snacks and a relaxed atmosphere perfect to chill out after a long day on the slopes.