Kutchan Town Area

Lucky Kutchan Supermarket

Lucky Kutchan Supermarket stocks many of Hokkaido food products, top quality meats, fresh seafood, big selections of wine and whiskey and more. One stop shop for everyone's perfect home-dining

10 reasons people say “Lucky is the best”
Lucky has the best ingredients for cooking.
Top quality meat such as Wagyu Beef,fresh seafood and more

Lucky has great selection of drinks.
Wine,Whiskey (Yamazaki,Hibiki etc),Sake

Lucky has a lot of Hokkaido products.
Cheese,Milk,Buckwheat noodles (SOBA),Local mascot goods

Lucky has ready made foods.
Sushi,Rice ball,Sandwich,Salad

Lucky has a rest area with Free Wi-Fi.
There are tables and chairs,so you can eat in.

Lucky holds fun events.
Tuna filleting demonstration,Japanese cuisine tasting,

Lucky’s staffs are friendly.
They love to help you anyway they can.Advice when you need it.call your taxi.

Lucky has English signs and English staff(noon to 8pm)

Lucky has more services.
*Currency exchange (Noon-6pm)
*International money transfers (WESTERN UNION – Noon-6pm)
*Tax-free shopping (Noon-7pm)
*ATM (VISA/PLUS/Master Card/JCB/Union Pay/Diners Club/American Express)

Lucky has other shops.
Bakery,Dry cleaners, Flower shop,!00 Yen shop, clothing section.