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Made In Niseko Part 3.

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Events, News, Resort, Travel, Winter Sports | 0 comments

Above: If you have a retina screen or a 4k screen hit the HD button on the Video.

Catching up with Powderlife founder Kris Lund and Aaron Jamieson you can feel a sense of relief, December has arrived and along with it the 50th Issue of the magazine that started in a dusty Niseko lodge over 12 years ago. Both Kris and Aaron are floating along on that post magazine high that is becoming increasingly rare for publishers as print slowly dies a death of a thousand ad budget cuts worldwide. Niseko is different though and print is not only alive here it’s thriving.

Below: Powderlife Founder Kris Lund.

Kris Lund SP_16810

Niseko has several free visitor magazines but Powderlife is the preeminent english local publication and it’s uncompromising stance on quality and editorial independence sets a tone that is markedly different to any other free Niseko reading. The fact that a town as small as Niseko can support a magazine of this quality and size is testament to the vibrancy of the local business community and the support that local business gives to locally produced products.

Below: Associate Editor Aaron Jamieson


Kris and Aaron spend the bulk of the year focused on the production of Powderlife and they have covered a good variety of subjects in this edition. Speaking to them it’s instantly clear how passionate they are about the magazine and when passion of that level is applied to anything the results are often outstanding as is evidenced by this years release.

The magazine is available free at all good accommodation and business’s in the Niseko region as well as select locations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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