First Tracks 2012-13 Season Movie

The first of thousands of POV movies to come out of the Niseko region this year!
Yesterday’s hike shot with an ION Air Pro

Screen shot from the First Tracks movie, 19 November 2012

Screen shot from the First Tracks movie, 19 November 2012

If you have a fast internet connection remember to watch it in HD!!!

  1. Hi Glen,
    Great Vid very jealous, can’t wait to get over there!
    How do you find the ION Air Pro In comparison to the Go Pro? How well does the wifi work?

    • The ION is a great camera and very easy to use. We are happy with the results shot over the summer and look forward to working with the cameras over the winter. The peripheral’s attachments for the ION are excellent and infinitely adjustable which allow for some great angles. I have not tried the wifi in winter yet …couldn’t bring myself to take my gloves off …it was cold up there.In comparison to the Go Pro 2 i’d have top say that the Go Pro would have a slight edge in picture quality but the ION is much easier to use…pro’s and con’s both ways. You can’t go wrong with either camera.

  2. Thanks for the reply, pretty impressed with your vids on the ION, and great to hear from someone that has used one! Might be time to invest in one.

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