Grand Hirafu Opening Ceremony

We have had the opening we just need the resort to open!

Yesterday’s scheduled opening came and went but alas the opening was postponed until there is enough snow. Paradoxically it DUMPED yesterday during the formal Shinto opening ceremony held at Grand Hirafu.

Grand Hirafu Opening Ceremony, 23 November 2016 from 360niseko on Vimeo.

Here are a bunch of shots from the ceremony attended by the gamut of local dignitaries and industry figures.













When is the resort opening?

It was interesting to see that Kutchan and to slightly lesser extent Hirafu Village are both getting pounded with fresh snow…starting to feel a bit left out of the party down the road in Higashiyama with our 8.5cm this morning. It was nice to see the “old faithful” Ace # 2 Center 4 lift getting fired up for the season.

Them lift wheels be spinnin' 24 November 2016 from 360niseko on Vimeo.

The Big Questions

What does this mean? Are they opening tomorrow? As chance, luck or fate would have it i met my opposite number on the Grand Hirafu staff Mr Yamada who has a much bigger ruler than me!!


After hearing reports of 40cm… 20cm overnight from people around the area i was really interested to hear what Mr Yamada’s reading was at the top of The Center 4 lift next to the King Bell Hut. He informed me that at 10:30 the depth was 65cm with between 10 – 15cm of fresh snowfall in the last 24 hrs period. I probed on the opening date ( excuse the pun) but he was understandably non comital. Possibly this weekend if the snowfall keeps up…


Photos and video by Glen Claydon Photography

  1. This is making me miss Niseko, will be in Nozawa instead this year! Just wanted to say thanks for the good content, I am sure it is getting everyone excited for the impending season!

    • Hi Tom, Thanks for the message. Have been to Nozawa and love it down there. Hope you have a good trip and maybe see you up in Niseko again next season!?! Thanks for following.

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