Hokkaido Core

A guest curated article by Hokkaido Core

Hokkaido Core is a group of tight-knit friends who share a passion for ski instructing and Niseko. We are honored to pass on such a love for the sport and the area to our guests. Living, working and skiing together in the Niseko area has built a family. We are grateful to do what we do, where we do it everyday. In recent years, we’ve started to get more into the photography side of the sport. Showcasing our instructors and guests in uniquely Niseko moments has been a great way to document our company’s continuing history. It’s always a fun day hanging another print of one the crew at the Hokkaido Core lodge. Our photography has grown into another aspect of the company that we feel is consistent with who we are. We hope that the pictures help pass on a similar passion for the sport and area that we strive to achieve in all our products.”









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