MAD DOG JAM Style Contest

A taste of yesterday's style contest.

Mad Dog Jam Style Contest, 14 April 2018 from 360niseko on Vimeo.

Yesterday’s style contest and the Mad Dog Jam was pretty cool. The course is the biggest and best yest and it looks like the resort have really got behind the event and a huge amount of snow has been pushed into the course. Riders can take whatever line they like on the free flowing course, from your “snow surf” type of lines to more freestyle hits.

Day 2 is on today with the “JAM” and well worth checking out. The heats start from 10 with a great for lunch around 12:00 and the finals start from 13:00. Hard to say how the rain will have effected the course over night but on thing we are sure of the Mad Dog Crew are still going to send it!

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