Niseko Snow Report, 11 January 2013

*35cm of fresh snow as fallen in the last 24hrs in Hirafu Village. At 7:20 today the temperature was -9°C.

Snow fall depth in Hirafu Village, 11 January 2013

Snow fall depth in Hirafu Village, 11 January 2013

Yesterday a mind boggling amount of snow came down throughout the day amazing even seasoned locals. The evening night session in Hirafu was rumored to have been the best in years ( a big call ). This morning the wind is minimal and it looks like the sun may even come out!!! In years to come this day will be the stuff of legend – songs will be written about today…concepts born…minds blown…GET UP THERE!

*Remember to ride safely and in a group. Look out for each other and have fun!

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  1. Startling amount of snow. I’ll be in Niseko in a week’s time, hope the conditions stay the same until I get there from Aus!

    PS. Today’s daily snow report isn’t showing under latest news, had to find the daily snow report link, maybe to do with the rearranging of the front page?

  2. oooohhhhhoooooooo will be there i a few days, my wife and I on our honeymoon. We’re ex-instructors and have been out of the skitown life for almost 3 years, missing it desperately. Unfortunately luggage rectrictions meant we couldn’t bring our own gear, might be regretting I didn’t bring my powder board. Can anyone recommend decent/cheapish hire gear and is it possible to hire something like a burton malolo or fish?? Will be there 16th-23rd Jan. Thanks!

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