Niseko Snow Report, 22 December 2012

*10.5cm of fresh snow as fallen in the last 24hrs just outside of Hirafu Village. At 7:30 today the temperature was -2°c.

Conditions this morning are cloudy and the snow is powdery.

Snow Depth 2012-12-22

Snow Depth 2012-12-22

Temp 2012-12-22

Temp 2012-12-22

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  1. Did you move your measuring station? The backdrop almost looks like you’re up one of the runs!

    • Hey Tyson,

      Yep – we have two stations at the moment. One at the very bottom of Hirafu Village [this is the station we have mainly used this year to date] and another just outside Hirafu village, but higher in altitude [just a bit higher than mid-town Hirafu].

      We’ll be using both on and off throughout the season to spread the workload.

      Although it looks like it, the background is not a ski run, it’s a dairy farm. When it’s not cloudy you should get a nice view of Mt. Yotei in the distance behind the ruler, which will also give you a good visual of the weather conditions.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • No worries. Can you tell I’m addicted to checking your page every day for the snow report? 😀
        Just over 4 weeks and counting!!!

  2. Tony Caro says:

    Thanks for this great website.

    I am wondering where you purchased your Empex thermometer – are they available in the village or Kutchan?

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