Snow Surfing through December in Niseko

An amazing December in Niseko

We started December with only 40cm of accumulative snowfall ( at 360niseko’s location ) and have recorded a respectable 367cm in December with one day left to push up the tally.

It has been a great season so far with consistent low temperatures and almost non stop snowfall. With very little business to keep locals busy “might as well hit the hill” has been the prevailing attitude and what a month it has been! Here is a mini edit of 3 sessions with Hideki from Boroya Pizza in Kutchan.

The filming dates are 19th of December for the opening of the Hirafu Gondola and Nikabe course, 26th December Strawberry Fields in Hanazono and 30th of December in Hirafu for the opening of Gate 4.

Hideki and Friends in Niseko from 360niseko on Vimeo.




Hideki – Gate 4 opening day, 30 December 2020

Boxing day hack on Holiday Course, 26 December 2020

Video by Glen Claydon Photography

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