Sunday Morning Bread at Country Resort

From this Sunday Julian Bailey will serving up his amazing bread at Country Resort.

Julian Bailey's Amazing Bread, 25 May 2012

Julian Bailey's Amazing Bread, 25 May 2012

The Chalets at Country Resort, 14 May 2010

The Chalets at Country Resort, 14 May 2010

Below is an overview from Julian.

Hi everyone,
On Sunday mornings, I am baking down at Country Resort so if anyone is interested please come down … lovely walk if you go from Escarpment ….
basically from 8am until the bread runs out or midday ‘ish you can come down an enjoy freshly baked bread ( I’ll be up all night ) with butter, marmalade, Tokachi honey and orange juice – 500 yen.
It’s all set out for you buffet style so you can eat as much as you want.

Coffee and tea – 300yen.

They have a great big cafe space with lots of tables and room for kids to run around outside. Hope it’s a chance for locals and guests to meet up and enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning this Summer.
You can buy bread to take home as well ( as long as I make enough ).

All welcome and please spread the word.

Julian Bailey

  1. Rodo says:

    Superb quality product. The best bread in Hokkaido without a doubt. Ridculously good !……

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