Tasty Hirafu POW

Warm rainy conditions today in Hirafu but the good news is snow is on the forecast for Thursday. It won’t be long until we are all scoring sweet tasty POW turns like the ones we has last week on the 14th….delicious.

Delicious niseko powder snow, 14 November 2013

Delicious niseko powder snow, 14 November 2013

  1. Tony Finney says:

    Can I ask where your weather forecast data on your site is for. You mention that snow is possible on Thursday, but your site shows the temperature is likely to be 5 degrees. So does that mean it will be rain, or is our temperature forecast for Kutchan or somewhere else. I have been trying to find an iOS weather app that can accurately tell me about Niseko, but can’t find one.

    • The forecast data is for Niseko, so is slightly south west of Mt. Annupuri and about 3km away as the crow flies. Although not 100%, it describes the weather around the resort reasonably accurately and is updated frequently, so the data being presented is recent.

      It’s quite difficult to get accurate 7 day weather forecast data for the Niseko resort areas, especially in winter. Word of mouth weather forecasts like “snow is possible on Thursday” change frequently and should not be banked on by any means.

      One of the reasons we originally started the Niseko Snow Report – which is a daily morning snapshot of the weather conditions – is because it’s so difficult to get an accurate forecast, so a lot of us living in the area, and vacationers visiting during winter, just deal with the weather conditions day by day – with the understanding that any forecast over a day or two could change dramatically.

      re: “iOS weather app that can accurately tell me about Niseko” – we’ve been there and it’s frustrating. But keep in mind that our site can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet so you can alway check our weather forecast or Snow Report – https://360niseko.com/category/daily-snow-reports/

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