The Old Days

Just recently i found myself wondering about the first 360 X 180 degree panorama i ever shot…this is it.

Shot on the 1st of September 2007 at Scott Adventure Sports in Hirafu. It was fun to dig these files up now 4 and a half years later and stitch this panorama together. The people happily posing for the shot were from a group getting ready for a morning rafting trip.

There have been a lot of changes in Hirafu since 2007. Please let us know in the comments what some of the biggest changes are that you have noticed.

    • Hi fletch – cheers for that. Yes this spot is now dominated by The Vale and a little higher up Alpine Ridge.

  1. The loss of the scot hotel and the rice ball place under the old gondola! Terrible, terrible losses.

  2. Wow! Back when Lodge Mellow had a view! Great to be reminded of just how special summer up here can be – especially when you’ve been shoveling snow for months on end!

    While it’s kinda sad that places like Snow Universe & the Scot etc have gone, I’m sure everyone agrees that Alpen Ridge and the Vale etc are much better places to stay & probably better for the town in the long run.

    Would be nice though if there was also some newer options at a pricepoint not so far out of reach for most…

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