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Cat Alip-Douglas Yoga Workshop Returns to Niseko for 2017

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-If you were to describe your style of teaching as a colour, what colour would that be and why?

cat : SHADES OF GREY – come and find out.

– Every now and then the majority of us have the tendency to get tired of doing the same thing on a regular basis, even if we love it. What inspires you to continue on your path through yoga?

cat : i ABSOLUTELY get that…but one thing i can say with certainty after 15+ years of practising yoga is that i have never regretted getting on the mat. however, there was only one exception which was the day before i moved from nyc to live in london when i forced myself to get to one last sweaty nyc style class and felt awful afterwards. i thought it was a sadness about leaving but later realised that i had food poisoning so that doesn’t really count as a regret. that said, the inspiration for me lies in seeing and re-affirming how much yoga practise imitates life and vice versa. i think that for as long as someone stays curious about life, they can remain curious about the (r)evolutionary path of yoga.

– Whats with all the tattoos?

cat : what tattoos?:)

– With all the types of yoga one can practice, what is it about Jivamukti or a vinyasa practice that draws you to it above all others?

cat : I am drawn to the rhythm, primarily the synchronicity of breath and movement plus the challenge to make that consistent even when the mind/body wants to give up.

– Nike or Reebok?

cat : Nike.

– You’ve been to Niseko a few times now and had some serious on-snow coaching from local legends. What’s the challenge for this upcoming trip? I heard rumours of a hike up Yotei…

cat : Watch out kids…magic carpet will never be the same!

– What advice can you give someone who has never done yoga before and/or thinks they need to be flexible before even considering practicing yoga?

cat : All you need is flexibility of mind and as long as you can breathe, you can do this.

– Last question – favourite food in you’ve had in Niseko?

cat : There are two…that udon place that makes the vegan tempura noodle soup [Hozuki] and also Shiroi-san’s place [vegan menu at Komugi Cafe]. (drool)

Sessions and workshops are from the 23rd until the 27th of February, head to marikaohtaniyoga on facebook for further details or email to marikayoga@gmail.com

Phil Douglas

Phil Douglas

**Bookings are now open; there are limited spaces so book early! **

Timetable and price
23 Feb (2月)  木  Open Class : Hirafu 188 18:15-19:30 ¥2500
24 Feb – (2月) 金 Workshop : The Orchards Niseko 18:15-20:15 ¥4000 日本語通訳付
25 Feb – (2月) 土 Workshop : The Orchards Niseko 18:15-20:15 ¥4000 日本語通訳付
26 Feb – (2月) 日 Experienced Level Class : Hirafu 188 18:15-19:45 ¥3000

Class Descriptions

About the Open Class – Designed as a ‘taster’ for the upcoming workshops – (All inquisitive levels welcome).
About the Workshops – Foundations of a vinyasa practice (all inquisitive levels – VERY beginner friendly).** With Japanese Translation 日本語通訳付**

These two workshops will dig deep at the roots of a VINYASA practice drawing from fundamental components found in a balanced class: breath, bandha, drishti, surya namaskar, standing, forward bending, twisting, back bending and inversions.

Contrary to modern interpretation, vinyasa doesn’t simply imply flowing, dynamic or a class with music. VI means “order” and NYASA translates to “conscious placement”. In these two sessions, students will learn how to breathe consciously and pair the movements with breath awareness. This application is no different from how we would want to live our lives…deliberately and mindfully.

It is highly suggested that BOTH days are attended to get the maximum benefit from learning through repetition

The pace will be slow and steady with time for questions
About the Experienced Level Class – Designed for those with previous yoga experience and is meant to challenge but also inspire and uplift. It is not recommended for complete beginners.

For Full Bio please see the Sangye yoga website.

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