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Hirafu Community Clean up Part 2

by | Apr 23, 2018 | News, Resort | 0 comments

A great day in Hirafu with the local community showing up to clean up Hirafu. With tunes pumping from Musu everyone assembled in front of Rhythm. Pretty much all of the companies in Hirafu village had a staff there to help out. The event organisers turned up fashionably late to their own event 😉 The eager throng stayed focused and after Henry’s rousing speech the clean up began. Groups fanned out across Hirafu village. The rubbish haul was not unsurprisingly impressive with loads of rubbish deposited in front of Rhythm by bag and ferried away by the truck load. To celebrate the clean up a BBQ is now being held in front of Rhythm. High fives all round!

* The next day a whopping 460kgs of rubbish was delivered to the recycle center by Henry – epic haul!

The community assembled, 23 April 2018

Everyone in front of Rhythm, 23 April 2018

Henry’s rousing speech, 23 April 2018

Making it happen happily in Hirafu, 23 April 2018

Austin finds a phone – and it still works!

A discarded gem?

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