Hirafu Gondola Construction Autumn Update

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A major improvement for Niseko’s visitors this winter season will be the opening of the new Hirafu Gondola. The lower and upper terminals have almost doubled in size and each cabin can take eight skiers and snowboarders up the hill in just five minutes this is compared to the previous eight minutes and four person capacity.

Today we took a look at how the work is progressing…

Hirafu Gondola Construction 7 October 2011

The original terminal building on the right and the new building still with blue netting on the left will have ticket sales, retail, a ski school, restaurants and "kids space" with a magic carpet on the ski run behind the building.

Hirafu Gondola Construction (HDR) 7 October 2011

Looking down on the new Hirafu Gondola terminal building from the green Boyo ski run.

Hirafu Gondola Towers Uphill View 7 October 2011

The new Hirafu Gondola towers dwarf the Holiday Pair Lift #1 towers and follow the previous line up Mt. Annupuri.

Hirafu Gondola Construction Hirafu Village From Kona-yuki

A construction road was cut into the Kona-yuki ski run and has recently been filled back in, this has changed the contours of the run so take care when you ride down it for the first time this season.

Hirafu Gondola Construction Upper Terminal Trees

The upper Hirafu Gondola terminal has over doubled in length and now extends past the cat track that walk up to find the start of the black Miharashi ski run.

Hirafu Gondola Construction Upper Terminal 7 October 2011

Hirafu Gondola Construction Upper Terminal 7 October 2011

Hirafu Gondola construction upper terminal 7 October 2011

The last tower and the upper terminal building.

Hirafu Gondola Construction Fun 7 October 2011

The green ski run just below the upper terminal had some nice hits before, but they look even better now...

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