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Niseko Arts and Craft Festival

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Events, News, Shopping | 0 comments

Hotel Chalet Ivy presents its 2nd Niseko Craft Art Festival 2014: An Exhibition by Niseko Artisans, featuring the works of 14 Niseko artisans and 2 special guests from abroad. The exhibition opens 4 October and continues through to 13 October 2014.

Organised by Hotel Chalet Ivy and directed by Nobuhiro Ichimatsu, this year’s exhibition showcases a diverse collection of craft work that includes furniture, sculpture, pottery, glass work, accessories bicycle design, candle making, paddle making and organic wearable contemplations. The handcrafted artwork on display will also be for sale at the exhibition.

This year’s participating artisans from Niseko include:

  • Nobuhiro Ichimatsu (Shinpui Woodwork Studio)
  • Kanako Ueno (Kanako Woodwork)
  • Shintaro Tashiro (Yunosato Desk)
  • Takeshi Sasaki (Yunosato Desk)
  • Shoichiro Nishiuma (Woodwork Atelier West Horse)
  • Osamu Nosaka (Nosaka Woodcraft Atelier)
  • Masafumi Sawada (RAM Kobo)
  • Masaharu Hayashi (FAF Atelier)
  • Sachiko Hayashi (FAF Atelier)
  • Kenji Numajiri (The Mad Hatter)
  • Shaun and Jacinta Sonja (Vanguard Bikes Singapore)

The works of the two special guest artists: Bruce Asayama from Hawaii (Paddle making) and Ellen Philpott-Teo from Australia/Singapore (Organic Wearable Contemplations) will also be showcased at the exhibition. The artisans share a commoninterest in the making of handcrafted art using locally sourced or indigenous materials, often employing traditional craft techniques.

Besides showcasing the craft of Niseko and beyond, the exhibition is also to promote cultural exchange and community engagement between Niseko and the global art world through the exhibitions/interaction.

“I am happy that there are more participants, especially foreigners, participating at this year’s exhibition. I hope to see more cultural exchanges between Japanese and foreign participants, so that we are able to build a stronger international craft network.”
Festival Director and artisan Nobuhiro Ichimatsu

Visitors to this year’s exhibition are able to experience the diverse range of craftwork at the exhibition, as well as purchase unique craft pieces. There will be something for everyone, both Japanese and foreigners, young and old, alike.






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