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Niseko News (13th May 2012 – 19th May 2012)

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14th May 2012

Weather, Golden Week and our New Holiday Niseko Japan Website [Niseko Holiday]

The Last few weeks has seen a rock n roll of weather, from warm spring days and rain during Golden Week to a dusting of snow just 2 days ago on the mountain tops, to once again a pretty normal mild spring Monday…

Korean travel agent “Tour ‘n Ski” releases ski movie! [Niseko Promotion Board]

“Tour n Ski”, a Korean travel agent specializing in ski travel, has released its own independent ski movie on May 12th 2012. The film is planned to receive promotional screenings this season on various occasions, such as exhibitions, info events and ski conventions.

15th May 2012

Hot house [Niseko Green Farm]

We get so much snow every year that we have to rebuild the greenhouses every year. The snow is light and fluffy at first, but always ends up as ice.
To prevent the green house from collapsing we have to take the plastic off and just leave the frame in winter. Even then the weight of the snow bends the pipes and does a lot of damage.

Tenth Niseko Mayor’s Cup Golf Festival, June 3rd 2012 [Niseko Promotion Board]

When: June 3rd 2012, 8:20 (meet), 9:00 (start)
Where: Niseko Golf Course (Niseko-cho, Aza Fukui, Tel (0136)58-3131
Participation fee: 2000/person
Usage fee: 6000 (general), 5000 (members)
※ Meal is included in the usage fee ※1,400 (+ 1000 for meal) for persons in possession of a season pass (all week or weekend only)
Competition style: Double peoria Prices: Lots of prices for individual results; nearest to the pin, etc
Presented by: Niseko Mayor’s Cup Golf Festival organisation committee
Supported by: Niseko Town Niseko Village Inc.
Contact and registration: Niseko Village Inc. TEL (0136)44-2211 FAX (0136) 44-3990

Prefectural Highway 66 Iwanai-Toya Line reopen 17th May [Niseko Promotion Board]

Prefectural Highway 66, (Iwanai-Toya Line; commonly known as “Panorama Line”) will reopen at 10 am on May 17th 2012. Furthermore, the stretch between Kutchan Hanazono ( around Weiss ski resort) and Niseko Goshiki Onsen on Prefectural Highway 58 (Kutchan-Niseko Line, commonly known as “Eco-line”) that has been closed for the winter will reopen on Friday, May 25th at 10 am. The toilet facilities at Lake Hangetsu can be used again from Friday, May 18th.

16th May 2012

Niseko Summer Food Fest 2012 @ Hilton Niseko Village 22-24 June [Niseko Promotion Board]

Niseko Summer Food Fest 2012 wil be held as the first event in Hokkaido to combine wine, food and art! Niseko’s best chefs will join forces with Michelin-crowned guests and artists from all over Japan. Activities include demonstrations, cooking classes and much more! Where: Hilton Niseko Village When: June 22-23 For more information please see flyer (in Japanese only) or ask Hilton Niseko Village (Tel 0136-44-1919)

Niseko Annupuri summer Gondola resumes on 9 June [Niseko Promotion Board]

Return tickets
Adult: 1200yen
Child (Age 7-12): 600yen

One-way tickets
Adult: 720yen
Child (Age 7-12): 360yen

Hours Operation*
9am-4:30pm (last departing gondola is at 4pm)
*due to bad weather etc. the gondola operating times may vary or be cancelled.

The Hirafu Summer Gondola, which is scheduled to start on 23 June can also be used as part of this round trip ticket. You can let your dogs run freely without a leash in the “dog run” and even get on gondolas with them!

Pension Full Note 15th anniversary concert @ Jazz Bar Half Note [Niseko Promotion Board]

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pension Full Note, bassist Hideaki Kanazawa and pianist Eishin Nose will be giving a special performance at Half Noteon May 19th 2012!

Niseko Sakura Event – Choir Recital [Niseko Promotion Board]

The Niseko Yoku Aisuru Kai (President, Mr Hideo Nakajima) has announced the Niseko Sakura – Choir Recital Event, which is held in celebration of the 1000 cherry blossom tree project which started in 2007. The Cherry Blossom trees were gradually planted on Miyayama, located near the Takeo Arishima Memorial Museum in Niseko Town. Last year a milestone, 1000 Cherry blossom trees were added to the plantation on Miyayama, which consists of the Ezoyamasakura and various other varieties of Cherry blossom.

First Niseko Pro Invitational Golf Event June 26/30 [Niseko Promotion Board]

Before moving on to the Segasammy Cup Tournament, some JGTO (Japan Golf Tour) pros will visit Niseko Village! Apart from a tournament, they will also hold a “golf clinic”, so come visit for a unique chance to level up your skills!

Hawaiian Concert in Kutchan, July 13!

Time: Friday, July 13th 2012 Doors: 18:30 Start: 19:00
Place: Shu Ogawara Museum of Art
Entry: free!
Artists: Pearl Islanders (band) HULA HINA FETIA (Tahitian dance)

17th May 2012

D.I.Y. [Niseko Green Farm]

Stinging nettle is a for most people an annoying weed. A noxious weed that can easily take over your garden. They sting and leave a long lasting itch and burning sensation.

Annuppuri Onsen Yugokorotei temporarily closed [Niseko Promotion Board]

Due to maintainance works, Niseko Annupuri Onsen “Yugokorotei” will be temporary closed from May 15th 2012. The day-use onsen and accomodation facilities are scheduled to re-open in early June.

The Niseko Style Running map debuts! (in Japanese) [Niseko Promotion Board]

The Niseko Style Running Map has just been published by the Niseko Promotion Board! It’s the perfect resource for all those looking to go for a run during their trip to Niseko or considering Niseko as a destination for their next running holiday. The map guides you to sightseeing spots, local farmers’ markets, cafés and other places that will make your runs even more enjoyable!Take in Niseko’s beautiful natural surroundings at your own pace and chat with the friendly locals! Running is becoming increasingly popular with visitors from all over the world and we can assure you that Niseko can cater to all of your runner’s needs! The Map will be delivered to the tourism desk of JR Sapporo Sta., roadside rest areas and tourist desks in the Niseko area.

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