Niseko November 2011 Radiation Results

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This is the fourth month of collecting radiation dose data (Gamma mSv) using a DoesRAE 2 Electronic Dosimeter and our November results show the radiation levels in the Niseko area are still well within safe limits.

We hit a small problem on the 21 November 2011 when a big storm hit the village with strong winds that ripped our Dosimeter of the building and blew it away! After six hours of digging (sifting might be a better word) through the snow we still could not find it!

A new Dosimeter is on order and as soon as it arrives we will continue to take daily readings. Here are the results we collected during the first 16 days of November 2011.

Niseko radiation, September to November 2011 comparison

September in blue, October in green, November in purple

Niseko Daily Radiation Dose Gamma (mSv), November 2011

Niseko Daily Radiation Dose Gamma (mSv), November 2011

We update the publicly available spreadsheet frequently and will continue to take readings throughout the 2011/12 winter season. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback feel free to add a comment below.

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The Hokkaido Government measures the radiation levels on a daily basis at multiple sites across the region and publish the results on this website. The closest monitoring station to Niseko is labelled “Kutchan” on the map.

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