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What’s Happening Around Town – 28th February to 7th March

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Events, News | 0 comments

March brings the official start of spring to the Northern Hemisphere, even though it might feel like it has already begun with all the fine weather we’ve been graced with recently.



Well, not really Japanese culture, but still an event that is more fulfilling for the soul than the mouth, eyes or ears, so it’s going here. Powder Yoga is having a 7 Chakras Workshop, March 2nd from 6PM. This workshop will guide people about what and where their chakras are, and how they can affect your life if they are blocked or out of alignment. This 90 minute session is being held at The Orchards, though they are operating a shuttle bus that is included in the ¥1500 ticket price.


The third day of the third month (March 3rd, if that description was too difficult) is hinamatsuri (Doll’s Day or Girl’s Day) in Japan. It is a traditional celebration featuring a grand display of (sometimes very expensive) dolls. The basic set features the Emperor and the Empress, but more elaborate (and expensive) feature several tiers, each with different importance people and objects. It also involves cake, especially diamond shaped mochi. There is a lot of history in this event, so if you are interested, have a further read



The annual Hanazono Slalom takes place on Sunday March 2nd, and sounds like an exciting event. They create a special banked slalom course that starts in the Hanazono half-pipe, and finishes half-way down the main park area. Each competitor gets three timed runs through the course, and the fastest in each category (men/women, ski/snowboard) will be awarded prizes, including a season pass, and cash money! Entry costs ¥2000, however entry closed February 27, so if you haven’t already booked a place, you might have to settle for spectating.



No special parties taking place, but as with any night in Niseko, there is always something happening. Plenty of themed nights, complete with their very own drink and food specials. Have a quick look at our events page for a thorough roundup.

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