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Niseko Snow Report, 10 November 2020

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*40cm or more has fallen in the last 24 hours in Niseko. At 6:30 today the temperature was -3°C. Unbelievable snowfall in Niseko. We went from mellow autumn weather to a hectic winter in the space of just a few hours yesterday. The snowfall has been relentless the scene is amazing with heavy snow coating everything. The snow is set to continue throughout the day into tomorrow. Great to see a heroic dump like this to kick off the season after all the doom and gloom of recent times.

Digging the snow station out!!

Snowfall in Niseko, 10 November 2020


40+ cm!!

Careful on the roads!

Winter tires alone will not save you.The first big snowfall always causes carnage on the roads. The wet snow and then colder colder temperatures creates a nasty layer of slush and ice so best take it easy out there.

Slippery roads, 9 November 2020

Useful information from other places

360niseko Snow Station Readings Disclaimer

The 360niseko’s snow station for the 2020-21 season is in Higashiyama at 200m *The Hirafu Gondola is at 305m. Please be aware that this new reading is NOT in Hirafu village but a few kilometers down the road. There is always a deviation how and where the snow falls – the area is famous for micro climates and mini weather patterns. Some days there may be 10cm in Annupuri and 25cm in Hanazono and vice versa – some days 30cm of fresh snowfall comes down everywhere!! Altitude plays a big part as well so please don’t take the 360niseko snow readings as being definitive – the readings are taken from what is outside our house on the ground.

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