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Niseko Snow Report, 12 February 2012

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Secret Stash

*13cm of fresh snow has fallen since yesterday morning and at 7:20am today the temperature was -9°C. No wind out there this morning and it’s Sunday, so everyone around will be heading up for a few nice runs.

UPDATE: Although there was no wind this morning @ 7:20am the storm is back in full force now @ 11:55am – so be careful if you decide to go out – that’s if the lifts are still running.

Snow fall depth in Hirafu village, 12 February 2012

Snow fall depth in Hirafu village, 12 February 2012

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What’s happening today

It’s the 5th straight day of the current stormy weather we’ve been having, and plenty of snow has dropped. But because the weather hasn’t been that great, some of your secret powder stashes are bound to be out there waiting for you in a pristine state.

But before we head out too far it’s always a good warm up to hit the runs closest to the Gondola, so we can get a lot of riding in a short amount of time – especially with the new rapid Gondola.

Konayuki is a favorite of anyone who gets first chair in the Gondola. After Konayuki hang a hard right to enjoy the speedy run of a freshly groomed Kogen – it’s wide enough for you pull the lowest, widest turns – and fast enough to get you back to the Gondola in time to be another early track maker.

It’s the early bird in Hirafu who will even enjoy flying down Ni-kabe – usually the run that has all of it’s top cover pushed away by beginners – during the early morning after a good snowfall, even this run shines.

After a day on the hill you can take in a bit of Japanese Taiko drumming at Yama Shinzen – starts at 7pm.

Niseko Backcountry Powder

Found this video – it’s a month ago, but still a good example of the quality of snow we’re getting this season.

Niseko snow fall data

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