A Brief Respite from the Snow

by | Jan 14, 2014 | News | 0 comments

For a few brief hours this morning, the skies cleared and we were treated to glorious sunshine. Normally this wouldn’t be much cause for celebration, but after what has felt like never ending snow storms, some clear skies make for an interesting change.






It felt like a different place in the blue, blue skies and the sun shining bright. The trees were still bearing large clumps of fresh white snow, and the fresh tracks were crazy deep thanks to the 50cm of snow that fell yesterday.


It was also a novelty again to see big beautiful Mount Yotei in the distance, something that first time visitors haven’t seen this year.



Up to my knees at the top of Miharashi


Even though the sun was shining, temperatures remained low so the snow remained soft and fresh, even when tracked. Even though it was busy on the mountain with all the gates shut, conditions were prime.





But, it wasn’t long before the clouds rolled back it and we were being puked on again, filling the tracks from this morning back in for another fresh day tomorrow. In one of the snowiest resorts in the world, you’ve got to make the most of the sunshine when you can because it could be a while before you see it again!

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