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Art Sushi Workshop

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Food & Drink, News | 0 comments

Your mother may have told you not to play with your food, but chances are she didn’t tell you not to make art with it.


World-renowned sushi artist (yes, there is such a thing), Takayo “Tama-chan” Kiyota is coming to Niseko and leading a 3.5-hour workshop on the art of making art with sushi. At these workshops, which are translated into English by Yuriko Yamada from Niseko In-House Dining, guests can learn how to make their own sushi marvels. It’s impossible to see her sushi art and not be impressed! The detail and the creativity are on another level.



Tama-chan was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and has been working as an illustrator in advertising, magazines and books since graduating from Setsu Mode Seminar. Later in 2005, she started to work as a maki-sushi (rolled sushi) artist and the rest is history. Have a look at her personal site and be inspired, smilingsushiroll.com


It may be heart breaking after all that labour, but at the end of the session, guests can eat their creations… after taking some photos, of course.


There are two sessions taking place at Shiki Niseko, the first is Thursday February 13th and the final is Friday February 14th. Prices are ¥12,000 per adult, and ¥8,500 for children aged 13 and under. The fee includes the workshop, ingredients and saké or beer. Reservations can be made at Shiki Reservation Desk, or online at www.nisekoinhousedining.com

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