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Hanazono All Season Resort Progress Autumn 2011

by | Oct 4, 2011 | News | 0 comments

Today we took a look at the progress of the new building for the Hanazono All Season Resort, the first thing that struck us was size, compared to Hanazono 308 it’s big!

Hanazono 308 Development 4 October 2011

Looking up at Stairway to Heaven with the Hanazono 308 on the right and new development on the left.

We can only speculate on what the building is going to be, but looking at the concept images on Riccardo Tossarni website it could be accommodation, restaurants, retail space or all three.

Hanazono Development Building 4 October 2011

Hanazono Development Building 4 October 2011

Hanazono Development 4 October 2011

Hanazono Development from the bottom of Stairway to Heaven 4 October 2011

PCPD who own the Hanazono resort published this in a press release written in August 2011.

“As for the Group’s overseas projects, detailed design work for Phase 1 of its Hanazono all season resort project in Hokkaido, Japan, is making good progress. In view of the earthquake in Japan in the early part of this year, we are monitoring the situation closely and will be reviewing our strategy accordingly.”

Hanazono 308 and Development 4 Oct 2011 from Stairway to Heaven

308 and Development 4 October 2011 from the Hanazono Park

When we know more about the strategy we will be sure to let you know, follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page to be kept up to date on this and other developments in the Niseko area.

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