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kokyu – a new photobook by Taro Tamai

by | Nov 3, 2016 | News, Winter Sports | 0 comments

Many people rave about the Gentem snowboards and swear by them as the ultimate powder snowboards for Niseko’s conditions. In recent year the “snowsurf” movement has gathered momentum and Niseko’s own GENTEM are at the forefront of the powdery wave.

Taro Tamai is the founder and designer of Gentem and a local legend. A lesser know fact about Mr Tamai is that he is a accomplished photographer and he has just published a fantastic photobook called kokyu ( breath in english) published by Bueno Books. The book is beautiful and is made up of stunning landscapes and action shots from Niseko, Hokkaido and the world.

We grabbed a copy from one of our favorite cafe’s in Kutchan SPROUT for 5.940 yen. Gentem have their showroom just on the outskirts of Hirafu village towards Niseko Village in Kabayama where you will be able to grab a copy but keep an eye out for it as it should be available throughout the Niseko region this winter.

Buying a copy from Sprout - thanks Yoshi! 2 October 2016

Buying a copy from Sprout – thanks Yoshi! 2 October 2016





Quite possibly the best "powder dragon" shot ever!!

Quite possibly the best “powder dragon” shot ever!!




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