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Motor Paragliding in Niseko

by | Feb 26, 2014 | News, Travel | 0 comments

You think Mount Yotei looks amazing from the ground, well, wait until you experience it like a bird and see it from the air! Just wow!



In a test of viability, MPG Sorachi brought their gear to Black Diamond Tours for a demonstration and a quick test. Pilot, Kenji Sato, is the only person in Hokkaido running these flights. He has twenty years of flying experience, so you know you are in safe hands.

MPG Sorachi pilot, Kenji Sato

MPG Sorachi pilot, Kenji Sato

After stepping in to what feels like a cross between an extreme rock-climbing harness and an enormous diaper, you are connected to the paraglider. The small two-stroke motor fires up, then it’s time to run until you can no longer touch the ground (which by the way feels amazing).



Kenji did a few low flying passes over the snowmobile course at Black Diamond before ascending to the sky. It was a perfect spring day in Niseko, with clear blue skies and stunning white snow.





After a while of flying around and taking in all the fantastic scenery, Kenji killed the engine and asked if I liked roller coasters. After a very enthusiastic YES he launched us in to a series of high g spins that were more fun than any roller coaster I’d been on before.


Kenji currently operates out of Furano where a 15 minute flight costs ¥9,000. His (Japanese language) website is here.

Sadly, there isn’t a definite answer to when/where it will be operating in Niseko just yet, but rest assured, we’ll be sure to let you know when a decision has been made. It’s yet another ‘must do’ experience while you are in Niseko.


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