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Niseko August & September 2011 Radiation Results

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We have been taking daily radiation readings just outside Hirafu for over two months and the results suggest Niseko is getting a low daily dose of Gamma radiation. In September Niseko received 0.0121 mSv which is about 8.7% of the Australian monthly average or 1.2% of the radiation you would receive from having a chest x-ray.

Below are two charts from the data we have collected to date.

Niseko Radiation Comparisons Chart

Niseko Radiation Comparisons

The chart above shows the dose of radiation received during August and September 2011 in Niseko compared to some other sources. The data on Australia, Italy and Finland are a year round monthly averages.

Niseko Daily Radiation Dose Gamma (mSv)

Niseko Daily Radiation Dose Gamma (mSv)

The graph above shows the daily radiation dose received from late July 2011 to the end of September 2011.

Dose Meter Quality & Accuracy

There have been some recent press articles like this one by The Mainich Daily News that have raised doubts about the accuracy of data some radiation meters provide, but these articles failed to point out all devices have a +/- tolerance for the accuracy of the reading they provide.

Our DoseRae 2 has a tolerance of +/-15% so even if we added 15% on top of all our readings the radiation levels would still be within safe limits and below the monthly averages from else where in the world.

Our benchmark data was first taken in London using the same device. The data we are comparing against is from The World Nuclear Association and The Guardian Data Blog.

We update the publicly available spreadsheet frequently and will continue to take readings throughout the 2011/12 winter season. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback feel free to add a comment below.

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