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Niseko Monte Bar

by | Jan 20, 2014 | News | 0 comments



If you have been in Niseko this January, you may have seen these on display around town and wondered what they are? Well, wonder no longer!



These outdoor energy bars are actually the creation of Kutchan Agricultural High School students, and profits return back to their school. They aim to pull the power from the foot of Mount Yotei by combine a whole heap of local products together, including potato paste from Kutchan, okara (tofu byproduct) from Niseko, rice powder from Rankoshi, ginseng from Kyogoku, prunes from Yoichi and sugar, cheese, flour and butter from other parts of Hokkaido. And, apart from some walnuts from America and a pinch of salt, that is all that is in this bar – no artificial preservatives!


It’s a little hard to put a finger on what it exactly tastes like, other than it has hints of cheese and nuts. It is similar to the Calorie Mate meal replacement bars, except it doesn’t suck all the water out of your mouth when you eat it – it’s actually a little moist.

These bars are selling at various outlets around town for ¥230 each, so next time you’re going out for an epic session, grab one (instead of a refined sugar filled Snickers) to fuel your body between meals.

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