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Niseko News (6th May 2012 – 12th May 2012)

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Friends, tourists, Nisekoians, lend us your ears. We’ve had the best season in a long time, but the party is well and truly over now and it’s time to move on.

The now famous Niseko Snow Report will return next season, but to keep the ball rolling we’re in the process of hatching several ideas to provide you with as much information about Niseko as possible, so even when you’re not in Niseko, and counting down the months, weeks and days until your return, you’ll have access to what’s going on in the Land of Pow.

To start off we’ve decided to start posting a weekly wrap up of Niseko news so you can get a nice chunk of information all in one hit.

7th May 2012

Niseko Now! Daily Reports Wraps Up The Season [Snow Japan]

A look back at the Niseko Now reports from November of last year and I see that the first ski lift of the season started moving on Saturday 27th November. So that’s nearly five and a half months of resort operations.

Final Flake Count For The 2011-12 Season [Australian Alpine Club Niseko]

It was probably the snowiest December in Niseko since the first lifts started turning fifty years ago, with over five metres snowfall recorded…

9th May 2012

The 3rd Niseko HANAZONO Hill Climb – 2012 5 August [Niseko Promotion Board]

The 3rd Niseko HANAZONO Hill Climb 2012 will be held on 5 August in conjunction with the Kutchan Jaga Matsuri…Race capacity: ~1000 ※Registration will close as soon as capacity is reached or on 21 July. Participants will receive hot spring tickets and other gifts.

Niseko Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) [Niseko Promotion Board]

Every year since 2007, the Niseko wo koyonaku ai suru association (represented by Mr. Hideo Nakajima), is carrying out a cherry tree planting event at Miyayama hill, close to the literary museum dedicated to Takeo Arishima, the famous writer so inseparably connected to Niseko. The name of the event is “Niseko thousand cherry tree project”.

Road blocked [Niseko Promotion Board]

Due to a mudslide, part of National Highway 230 had to be closed.

Garlic – A Good Short Season Crop [Niseko Green Farm]

It’s not popular just because it’s delicious and healthy but also because it’s relatively easy to grow. Planted in autumn and just about a week free from snow these garlic shoots are already bright green and loving life.

10th May 2012

Niseko Flowers In Bloom [Niseko Promotion Board]

Flowers are starting to bloom all over the area. When exactly the flowers start blooming differs from place to place…

Opening date for Niseko Tokyu Golf Course, 19 May [Niseko Promotion Board]

Niseko Tokyu Golf Course’s planned May 12 opening date has been postponed due to the heavy snowfalls and remaining snowpack this year. The Golf Course opening date will be delayed by one week: New opening date is : Saturday May 19, 2012

11th May 2012

Asparagus [Niseko Green Farm]

The first spears are piercing through the soil. They still look purple from the cold and lack of sun,but they will soon turn green. We also have got a purple variety, but it is still one year away from harvest.

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