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Niseko’s Route 58 – Summer vs Winter

by | Jul 22, 2016 | News | 0 comments

It is always fun looking at comparison shots between winter and summer in Niseko. Here is a classic. Route 58 winds it’s way up from Kutchan through Hanazono and up between Mt.Annupuri and Mt. Iwaonupuri. The road is closed in the winter from just above the Weiss Hotel until Goshiki Onsen and reopens in May after a heroic snowclearing effort. This section of the road is also the scene for the gruelling Hanazono Hill Climb coming up on the 6th of August.

It is tough to say how deep the snowpack was on the 4th or March when the winter shot was taken but looking at yesterday’s shot…. guessing around 7 meters! To be fair the snow does blow into this valley but none the less this is a nice graphic representation of just how much snow we do get here in Niseko every season 🙂

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