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No Turning Back

by | Sep 22, 2014 | News, Winter Sports | 0 comments

In March I was lucky enough to get the chance to work with Warren Miller Entertainment shooting stills throughout their 10 day shoot in the Niseko region for their next feature film ‘No Turning back’.

This year the guys were shooting a snowboarding segment featuring Seth Wescott, Rob Kingwill and local shredder Nobuyoshi Chiba. For the first week in March we had excellent snowfall. When it finally stopped snowing and the sun came out the scene was set for an epic final day shoot with Hokkaido Backcountry Club.

Warren Miller's SnoWorld Magazine for 'No Turning Back'

Warren Miller’s SnoWorld Magazine for ‘No Turning Back’

Unfortunately Rob and 2nd camera operator Josh had to leave a couple days early which left Seth (two time olympic gold medalist – US mens boardercross) all the glory! Amazing to see him nail 4 top to bottom runs without falling once. He did have some local help and was riding a custom Gentemstick!

It was incredible to work alongside Chris Patterson who directed the whole show, working with Inada-san (the heli pilot) on the head-set while simultaneously positioning Seth on a 2nd radio.

All the more amazing considering he was harnessed onto the side of the helicopter with the door open and his feet dangling over the edge. I was harnessed in but still sitting on the seat leaning over Chris’s shoulder.

The footage from the video below was taken on a Go Pro 3+ mounted to my helmet while I was shooting stills. I pretty much forgot about the camera but, because I was tracking Seth, managed to capture the “behind the scenes” action.

No Turning Back‘ will be released in October in the northern hemisphere and next year in the southern hemisphere.

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