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Rocca Exhibition at the Green Leaf Niseko Village

by | Jan 27, 2014 | News | 0 comments


Further diversifying itself as not just a ski chalet, Green Leaf Niseko is holding an art exhibition showcasing the Niseko-themed works of Studio Rocca, a Hokkaido based video production company. As a piece of trivia, Rocca is written in Japanese using the characters for ‘six flowers’, with the additional meaning of ‘snowflake’.

Although Rocca’s main work is in video production, members of the Rocca studio come from a variety of backgrounds with different skills including oil painting, wood cut printing, manga, and dance. Each Rocca member makes the best use of their own unique creative skills to form this exhibition.

馬 (Horse) 2014 - Nikki Nairns

馬 (Horse) 2014 – Nikki Nairns

The artists taking part in this exhibition are: Sho Ishiguro, Dai Ogasawara, Kei Takahashi, Yoshiro Matsunaga, Naoya Matsumoto and Nikki Nairns.

The exhibition is being held at The Green Leaf Niseko Village from January 28th until February 7th, so go and have a look at some great contemporary Japanese artwork.

For more of their artwork, check out their (Japanese language) website.


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