The Real Hatsuyuki

by | Sep 29, 2017 | News, Resort | 0 comments

If you were in Niseko last night you were doing lot of things …

A. Looking for the puffy jacket you put away last year.

B. Putting your summer flip-flops away.

C. Looking at the date and asking yourself “Really … already”.

This morning at dawn the omni-present Mt Yotie had her nose stuck in a pretty wild lenticular cloud and it was raining on and off at village level, the chill in the air however made it pretty obvious that up high under the cloud we were probably getting the first snow. General consensus was that yesterday was hoar- frost and today’s actual snow made that pretty clear. We blasted around the place in the 360 mini and grabbed a few shaky clips in the strong wind in the hope the Hatsuyuki would reveal and sure enough it did. Time to drop your ski’s and boards at the tune-up centre!

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