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Unique Souvenirs from Tokyu Hands Truck Market

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Tokyu Hands Truck Market Niseko – 2F Alpen Hotel

Tokyu, the company that owns and runs Niseko Grand Hirafu Resort also owns and runs several other companies. Tokyu Hands is one of these stores, and apart from the unusual name – it’s not actually about hands, in case you weren’t sure – it is a great place to find a slightly unusual and unique Japanese omiyage (souvenir).


For speedy eaters


Complete those New Year resolutions with a Daruma


Might not stop a sword, but will make you look like Oda Nobunaga

What they have done here in Niseko is to open a ‘Truck Market’  featuring 1000 selected items from the Tokyu Hands range, specifically aimed at non-Japanese tourists. They have great gift ideas like shinkansen chopsticks, or a daruma or even some samurai armour that can be constructed from pre-cut cardboard! They also have other items, like Japanese crafts, decorations, stationary, outdoor and travel goods, toys and hobbies, and health and beauty products.


Cute Japanese crafts


You can find the Tokyu Hands Truck Market on the second floor of the Niseko Alpen Hotel, but be quick, it is only there until the 25th of March 2014!

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