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TREV with Offshore Snow Shapes

by | Aug 28, 2016 | Winter Sports | 0 comments

Here are 360niseko we are fans of Offshore Snow Shapes and long time fans of local snowboarding legend TREV who is now a team rider with Offshore Snow Shapes. We hope you enjoy this recent short film abot TREV as much as we did!


Below is a movie we made with Trev back in 2011!!

“Trevor is a veteran of the New Zealand skate and snowboard scene, he has a portfolio dating back to the 90s and has achieved far more than we can list here. Trevor has been riding the Niseko mountains longer than most gaijin folk and knows where all the deep stashes are! Check out his smooth skate style as he hits the bangers and throws it down in the powder as well as the pipe. Maximum respect.”

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