Made In Niseko Part 2

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The word “Kage” means shadow in Japanese and in the case of Kazumichi Inakage of Kage Photo it could not be a better description. “Kage” is a very quiet unassuming and humble artist who’s exterior covers up an incredibly complex and skilled interior steeped in a hardcore snow based history and he certainly casts his own shadow.
From spending 8 winter seasonsliving in a tent here in Niseko, trips to Alaska and 11 years as the principal photographer at the Annupurri based Powder Company Guiding operation Kage is the real deal and this is reflected in his body of work and the long line of multiple year repeat customers that join the backcountry tours run by the Powder Company that he photographs.
His work has graced the covers and internal pages of the worlds best snow publications and his eye provides a special insight into the environment here in Niseko that few others can. We we caught up with Kage at his newly built home in Niseko where he and his wife Keiko live with their two sons Yodai and Daiki surrounded by 360 degree views of the entire Niseko mountain ranges that have served as his studio for the past 11 years, he presented as a man happy in his hard won world and had an infectious enthusiasm for his images and all things Niseko.
Kage’s images present a different perspective and there are certain nuances unique to hie vision of the world around him in an espically Japanese way. This quick selection is via a brief pass through his archive, Enjoy.
7D2_3558    1.7D2_1711  5.K7D_3438
Above: L-R. 1.Self Portrait. 2.Toshiya Kasuga Niseko, Backcountry. Jan 22, 2013. 3. Untitled. 4. Makoto Yamada
Niseko, Backcountry. May 31, 2013.
Below: Takeshi KodamaKiroro, Backcountry. Feb 11, 2010.
Above: Osamu Okada Niseko. May 07, 2015.
Below: Alaskan snack time.
 Below: Kage’s average day in the backcountry touring with the Powder Company Guests looks like this… nice office.

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